Could This Be the Solution To Climate Change?

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In order to halt climate change, close to 100% of the world's scientists agree that we must drastically reduce the level of greenhouse gas emissions. As one fair and efficient way to reduce the level of greenhouse gas emissions, carbon markets will certainly be part of the answer.

#BusinessCase: Why Renewable Energy Will Make or Break Business Success

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World leaders have shaken hands on the new Sustainable Development Goals that will hopefully be shaping global and local agendas and policies over the next 15 years. The UN Sustainable Development summit coincided with the 7th edition of Climate Week, which was jam-packed with well-timed announcements and strong messages in favor of a low-carbon economy.

Water Scoring: Managing the Risk of Having Big Fish Stuck in Polluted Ponds

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This year's number one sustainability risk is - water. According to the latest World Economic Forum's Global Risk Report, the adverse impacts of water crises could even surpass the impacts of climate change. The effects can already be felt across industry sectors and society at large: in line with the narrative from the WEF, a recent study by CDP found that two-thirds of the world's largest companies are now reporting exposure to water risks - with 22% anticipating that this could limit the growth of their business.

What Will Happen At the Paris Climate Conference?

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Will Paris be a success? Will the agreement at CoP21 ensure global temperature raise stays within the 2° limit? What are the concrete consequences of Paris for my company? As the CEO of the South Pole Group, a global sustainability solutions provider, I am debating such questions with stakeholders from both the public and private sectors on a daily basis. COP21, the next UN climate summit in Paris, is only a few months away. Therefore, we have decided to roll out our big crystal ball and present you our 10 key outcomes you should (and should not) expect from Paris.